La Salle De Bain

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We are trying to finish off some important areas of the house to host our first antique buying tour guests in September. The most pressing areas were the en suites as the only bathroom in the house is on the ground floor. The first two bedrooms are on the second level. A huge undertaking as plumbing had to snake through stone walls, ceilings, downstairs, through the courtyard under the concrete to the main drain. There was an old ensuite made in the 80's, attached to the main bedroom which had a leaking toilet and a rusty bath. Several trips to the dump, aching backs and dust-laden rooms we finally had an empty room to work with.


Moroccan tiles have been laid, wallpaper rolled onto walls and other walls freshly tiled. The transformation is impressive. We used antique pieces for the vanities and a chandelier or two bought from local markets. The room fills with sunshine in the day. It also has a gorgeous view of the clock tower and a small Balcony just off the back door of the bathroom to relax on an evening.

The Master bedroom had to be re wallpapered but as we had run out of time Nic decided to do a quick fix-up before the guests arrive. We had searched for an interesting headboard but unable to find anything suitable decided to paint one over the ripped section of wallpaper. The effect was great! Now to purchase some furniture! The fun part. At least there are comfy beds and linen sheets and duvets to make up for the absence of furniture.


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