The Living Room May 2018

This year we concentrated on the living area, which leads on to the garden. We hardly use this room as it is dark and a bit depressing. It is a magnificent room but it needs lightening up to make it cosier and inviting. In the summer the days are long so we take our meals out in the garden under the grapevine enjoying the warmth of the night. We start by pulling up the faux wood lino that someone has covered over the oak floorboards. It comes away easily. There's a few repairs to the boards and a good oiling restores them back to their original beauty. There is a beautiful marble fireplace that someone has converted into a wood burner. We hesitate at taking the burner out as it heats up the room so efficiently. An open fire would be more aesthetic but probably not as efficient. The ceiling is heavily decorated and beautiful but needs a wiping down. I hate heights and reluctantly get up the wobbly ladder to wipe away a hundred cobwebs. I have to wear a mask as the paint is lead-based. Its not flaking which is a relief.


We still have many leads running from one room to another waiting for permanent wiring to be finished. We race around unplugging leads to add to another light or washing machine, toaster etc. 

Nic finds a bit of dry rot behind a panel and needs to take off part of the wall to fix it. We sign our names behind the wall and wonder if someone might find our little heart in another 100 years. 


We had to choose a colour that was in keeping with the Antique Gold and Black wallpaper and the Frescoed ceiling. After several failed attempts we came up with a buttery cream colour with gold trim. It's a big job but rewarding once it's finished. Now we love sitting in this room at the end of a long day.



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