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After an hour of gawping and trying not to look too excited, we said our goodbyes to Madame and sat in the car staring at each other speechless. We were then thankful for the freezing cold and It coming on the market in the middle of winter... Madame had told us that someone had made an offer a few months ago which was accepted but they needed to sell their house and failed to do so in the required time so it was only just back on the market.

We decided to drive through the town, which had been built on both edges of the large river Lot. It reminded me a bit of Florence as century-old houses were all clustered together, built into the river-banks. It is a lovely town, full of old buildings and a massive red brick church in the centre, but also modern shops were present and there seemed to be a thriving population. 

Now for the long drive home..

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