2nd March 2016, Far far away

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The house is in an area called Villeneuve sur lot in the department of Lot et Garonne.  In between Bordeaux and Toulouse. We hadn’t been looking in this area as the houses are normally more expensive.  After a 3 hour drive and a lovely lunch in a beautiful quaint village called Saint Emilion, we arrived at 4 p.m. We stood outside in the pouring, freezing rain looking up at a very beautiful townhouse that looked a little out of place in the street of other plainer houses. Little bubbles started fizzing around my heart, even though it didn’t seem practical.  We needed a barn for storing our antiques and always assumed we would be living somewhere in the country. This house was in a town very close to the centre with narrow streets that a container truck would never be able to drive down. It did boast a 3 car garage with a loft? Eventually, the realtor arrived and only spoke French. On the other hand, we could only speak English, with a spattering of French words that don't make much sense to anyone, though we are excellent at sign language, (the charade type).


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