28th February 2016, Castles and ruins

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The next day we are met by another English realtor Mike, who takes us on a 5 house viewing excursion in the afternoon. We start off at Mikes Office in Verteuil sur Charente which must be the most beautiful town we have seen on this trip. A huge castle in its centre, little cafes dotted here and there and a grande river winding its way through the town takes our breath away. Mike stops on the 400-year-old bridge for us to take a million photos. 

After a day of driving, snooping and sniffing into peoples houses, asking a thousand questions and peering into attics, checking out ruins, we drive home exhausted. Nic is still unwell and gets me to drive. We often joke in the past that he has to be at death's door to let me drive, so I know it must be serious. The drive home is long and sullen. Buying a house on the other side of the world is an emotional business and a lot to think about. I also have to concentrate more. Driving on the right side of the road is such a different sensation. Passing on the left, having a steering wheel on the left, looking left at an intersection. Driving around a roundabout the completely wrong way is terrifying!! The total opposite to my natural instincts. I arrive home with a stiff neck and a headache from over concentrating, but proud that I made it home without any scratches. I feel a bit more confident and a little bit more French.

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